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The father of my father; Ragnvald Otterlei bought Skjerneset around 1910. He travelled from Fjørtofta and arrived here because the fishing was better and the harbour was convenient for the big boats. He was already the owner of the fishing boat named “Møre” (70 feet) and later he bought the fishing boat named "Blomvåg" (52 feet).
He cleaned the shoreline for the Klippfish production and built boathouses and a family house in 1915. He got married to Ingeborg from Ekkilsøya (born Gården) and got a son named Olav in 1926.
The ground between the Klippfish areas was cultivated and there was built a small barn containing some bulls, cows, pigs and hens.

Ragnvald Otterlei around 1910.        The sight of “M/S Møre” around 1920.         “M/S Blomvåg”.

Ingeborg with Ragnvald + Olav.  The boathouse/Klippfish-”brygge”, 1950   The family house & small                                                                                                                        barn, 1927

The Klippfish is laying on the flat rocky area by the sea, and it is time to eat. The air-photo shows Skjerneset with the white spots of the Klippfish in 1960. Olav Otterlei continued to run the place and in 1954 the herring boat “M/S Møre” (100 feet) was built. This boat was later rebuilt as a trawler.
Olav got married to Margit Mork, also from Ekkilsøya, and they had 2 sons, Ragnvald in 1954 and Geir in 1958. Ragnvald lives in Kongsberg while Geir Otterlei lives and works at home in Skjerneset. He has been fishing with his own boats since 1980 and made Skjerneset become the tourist site it is today. He got married to Torhild Mork and they have got 3 sons Tor Gunnar, Olav Sverre and Ragnvald Marvid. Tor Gunnar is a fisherman that bought a 45 foot fishing boat in 2006, which is also called “M/S Møre”.
Margit and olav recently engaged.               M/S Møre (100 feet) as a new boat in 1954. Loaded.
Olav w/ Geir and two generations of Ragnvald 1960. Skjerneset from the air, 1981. Møre will be condemned.                                                         
The ”brygge” from the start 1989; The ”brygge” w/ cabin and pier 1998; The ”brygge” and the                                                                                                                 harbour finished in 2004     
Good assistants at Skjerneset, with Torhild (right)   Three generations: Olav, Tor and Geir Otterlei
Skjerneset 1960 with M/S Blomvåg on the bow. Skjerneset 2004 with M/S Skjernes by the ”brygge”.


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Skjerneset bryggecamping, Ekkilsøy
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