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Only your imagination is able to put limits on what you want to see and experience during your stay at Skjerneset. You might go walking on the island of Ekkilsøy or rent a bike to see some more of Averøya and the Atlantic ocean road (Atlanterhavsveien). It takes only 20 minutes to take the ferry to Kristiansund, and Molde or Bud are only one hour away by car.

A nice afternoon walk at Skjerneset.             In June we keep the evening sun almost until midnight.
Ekkilsøya is only a few km in both directions.              Walking around the island takes a  whole day.
          There are a lot of plants and colours to enjoy while walking on the headland by the sea.
The memory of Irma is at Rødeggen.              View from Meeknokken (750m) in the middle of Averøy.
The Atlantic road is the biggest attraction.          It might be even more impressing in the storm tho.


Telefon: +47 71 51 18 94/Fax +47 71 51 18 15

Skjerneset bryggecamping, Ekkilsøy
6530 Averøy, Norge

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