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All the caravan sites at Skjerneset are close to the sea, and some places are so close that it is possible to fish from the front tent. We have two sanitary areas, kitchen with dishwashing/cooking possibilities and several common living rooms with TV.                                                                                                            

The weather in Skjerneset changes quickly, alo in July.        It is hard to get much closer to the sea.
The sunrise at 3 a.m is stunningly beautiful!         Outside the season there are a lot of vacant sites.
The camp sites are not so close to each other.        It is possible to bring the caravan all year round.



Telefon: +47 71 51 18 94/Fax +47 71 51 18 15

Skjerneset bryggecamping, Ekkilsøy
6530 Averøy, Norge

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