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                                         Indoor- and outdoor activities at Skjerneset

This is the right place for people that are interested in the culture of the coast. The Klippfish ”brygge” from 1916 is the symbol of Skjerneset, and contains a lot of objects from the 4 generations of fishing boats and fish production. 

  The old ship engine is too heavy to be moved!            Owner Geir Otterlei is telling about the past.

 In the attick old nets are still getting stored.                  In the museum you can also find an art exhibition.

 In the living room old documents refurbish the walls.   The kiosk sells fishing gear and icecream!            

You can even catch fish through the first floor!              But the chances are bigger from a boat!

 This seatrout was caught in 2006 from the landing stage.        The crab fishermen arrive in Sept/Oct. 

 Most of the divers arrive in spring or autumn.              By then the view underwater can be up to 20m.

Smoking fish can be done in the company of friends.     A bithday celebration on the brygge.

 Some years you can find stone mushrooms close by.   "Linda" is brought into the water on the boatramp.

           Swimming is possible in July and August.                    Most people catch fish in the steam right in front of                                                                                  Skjerneset.                                                      


Telefon: +47 71 51 18 94/Fax +47 71 51 18 15

Skjerneset bryggecamping, Ekkilsøy
6530 Averøy, Norge

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