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                                                          How to get to Skjerneset

The easiest way to reach Skjerneset from the south of Norway goes from Dombås down Romsdalen to Åndalsnes. Then drive to Åfarnes and take the ferry to Sølsnes. Then drive through the tunnel under the sea to Molde. The tunnel is free of charge. The shortest way goes to Eide, then a drive over the fantastic Atlanterhavsveien that takes you to Kårvåg on the island of Averøya. Continue towards Kristiansund until you find a sign with Ekkilsøy and Skjerneset 4 km. Drive over the bridge and then to the right for 1 km until you see the big ”brygge” by the sea. Drive down the hill and you will be met by Geir or Torhild to wish you a warm welcome!




Telefon: +47 71 51 18 94/Fax +47 71 51 18 15

Skjerneset bryggecamping, Ekkilsøy
6530 Averøy, Norge

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