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Cabins and boathouses are placed close to the sea and are fully equipped for longer stays. Inside the large Klippfish ”brygge” dating from 1915 we offer boathouse apartments in several sizes and at different costs.

The cabins contain one or two bedrooms. They are placed at the old Klippfish coastline with a nice view of the ocean and the sunset. A Veranda containing table and chairs is also included. There is great distance between the cabins. There is a driveway and parking is allowed in front of each cabin.

The cabin called “Ragnvaldsbu” (50 sq.meters) is convenient for handicapped with the driveway all the way to the veranda. Inside the cabins you find cutlery for four persons, refrigerator, TV, small cooker, coffee maker, shower/toilet.
Boathouse for 2 persons. “Sittekroken”.  Cabin for 3 persons. Living room/kitchen.


Telefon: +47 71 51 18 94/Fax +47 71 51 18 15

Skjerneset bryggecamping, Ekkilsøy
6530 Averøy, Norge

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